The Lost Wood Vessel

April 2009


Photographs by: Marcus L. Wise owner of the 464 Gallery Buffalo, NY


The Lost wood turning process refers to a technique that removes a predetermined amount of wood from a turning after it comes off the lathe to transform it into a different shape.

The wood is the most figured African mahogany I’ve ever found, and it was given to me for free.
This bowl was 18” square before I cut it; I used oak as the sacrificial wood.
Now it measures: 11” wide, 18” long and 4” high

The other materials in this bowl are: Yellowheart and Avonite.
(Avonite is a polyester solid surface material similar to Corian.) The finish is Tung oil.

Taking good pictures of my work is difficult, I had professional photographer Marcus L. Wise of the 464 Gallery in Buffalo, N.Y., do a photo session with this bowl.